I Love the Visual Thesaurus!

visual-thesaurus-marketing1A few weeks ago I blogged about a new favorite addiction of mine — Wordle.  Well, I have a new addiction that I love even more than Wordle — the Visual Thesaurus!  You simply put in a word and shows the meaning of the word and related words.  For example, I put in “marketing” and here’s what came up:

The picture doesn’t do it justice because it doesn’t show how interactive it really is.  You simply click on one of the words and it then creates a new visual map based on that word.  Plus it shows the definitions of the word.  So cool.

It’s great when you’re brainstorming, and the cool thing is you can email your “map”, or have it printed on a number of items such as a t-shirt, a coffee mug and more!   While it’s not free, it is completely reasonable – about $20 a year for the online version.  Check it out!

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